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User Participation in Building Design and Management

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Now available in paperback, this book addresses the need for building users and providers to work together to solve the design and management problems that persistently beset them. It describes a generic process of building evaluation, which brings the two groups into dialogue about the quality of buildings, and provides step by step guidance on how to use it. It illustrates many applications of the process, providing benefits in the briefing and programming of building projects, the selection of building accommodation and the maintenance of occupied buildings.

This process, which is designed to be adapted to the specific needs of the people involved in it and for use in different situations, has been tested in several countries and found to be practical and cost effective. It is equally useful for any type and size of facility, for design proposals in preparation and for buildings in use. It can be applied to almost every built form or space.

This book is an essential tool for design and management professionals, offering them opportunities to extend their services in response to the growing expectations and demands of building users. It also enables building users to articulate their needs and demands for quality accommodation, and to gain power in dealings with people who supply buildings.

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