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The Workflow-Based Composition of Web Services: A User-Friendly Approach

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Web services are a widely used method of integrating software, creating a need of orchestrationtools, to define how several of them are to work together. Existing software solutions try to solve a very broad range of orchestration challenges, and their complexity rises with the complexity of the type of orchestration they support. This creates a demand for an easier-to-use tool, that deliberately reduces the scope of application in favor of usability. The goal of this book is to describe an approach by which such a tool can be created. It has to solve two major dilemmas:First, providing enough information to different groups of people but not overwhelming any of them. The solution is to implicitly determine the information the user needs to see and display it, based on the role the user is taking at the moment.Second, providing enough flexibility to solve different orchestration challenges while at the same time retaining the ease of use of a specialized tool. This is solved by applying patterns, specialized to provide an environment adapted to the specific tasks of a specific class of users.

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