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The Layman's Guide To Mamod Steam Engines (Black & White)

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Mamod steam engines are great pieces of engineering from the past that can range from up to nearly 80 years old. In this book holds the complete history of Mamod from 1936 to present, everything about how to steam your engine up and much more. As well as this, it is a complete guide to restoring, repairing and maintaining Mamod steam engines with separate chapters covering the Se/Sp/Mm range Te1/a, Sr1/a, canopy roof and Lw1 lumber wagon. This book holds educational value, where there are chapters which take thermodynamic principles to explain just exactly what makes Mamod steam engines work, with diagrams to aid these explanations. With the assistance of many associates including Mamod themselves, this book is truly one for anyone interested in Mamods or steam engines for that matter and for restorers of these engines too. From the creator of, this is a full 109 page book with nearly 250 images and over 37,500 words. This is the Layman's Guide To Mamod Steam Engines.

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