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The Dueling Loops of the Political Powerplace: Why Progressives Are Stymied and How They Can Find Their Way Again

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Contrary to popular myth, it is possible for progressives to take an analytical approach to solving difficult social problems and win. Using the sustainability problem as a running example, this book demonstrates how. The same key tool Limits to Growth used, simulation modeling, is applied. However, unlike Limits to Growth this book explores the social side of the problem, rather than the technical side, to find the fundamental cause of the very strong change resistance civilization has encountered. The root cause turns out to lie in a surprisingly simple social structure called the Dueling Loops of the Political Powerplace. The book explains in layman's terms how the Dueling Loops model works, where the intuitively attractive but low leverage point is that progressives are presently pushing on, and where the high leverage points are they must push on instead. The end result is a whole new way of thwinking.

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