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The Cavalier Poets: Their Lives, Their Day, and Their Poetry (Essay Index Reprint Series)

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Much has been said and written about that dainty, even if artificial, group of seventeenth-century singers known under the various titles of Metaphysical, Cavalier, Rhetorical, Fantastic, and Caroline Poets. Practically every course of study in English literature devotes some space to their happily phrased songs, and innumerable magazine sketches and essays have from time to time reminded us of the bravery and chivalry of these belaced but stout hearted courtiers. And yet, so far as I am aware, no adequate treatment of this quaint metaphysical movement has been attempted in any one book, and, though many of the charming lyrics are popularly known, ideas concerning their origin and their makers are, as a rule, extremely hazy. This study of the subject is intended for both general readers and students of literature. The lives and works of the most important poets in the group have been discussed, and those selections which seem most characteristic of them and of their day have been presented. And these selections, it is believed, will come to many readers not as strangers, but rather as old friends, doubly welcome now because more intimately understood.
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