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The Architect's Guide to Preventing Water Infiltration

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The Complete Guide to Preventing Architectural Water Infiltration Issues

This insightful guide illustrates how to fortify buildings to withstand the onslaught of nature, primarily against wind and rain, with a back-to-basics look at water infiltration prevention techniques. This guide for architects and builders:

  • Includes an overview of general guidelines as well as coverage of applications such as those used in below-grade conditions, sealants, and membranes

  • Covers massing, orientation, seismic issues, wind loads, and discussion of building systems

  • Examines the key factors causing water infiltration in buildings: exposure, thermal loads, structural movement, and building configuration

With solid advice from experts in the field, The Architect's Guide to Preventing Water Infiltration shows how innovations in today's construction techniques simply won't hold water if they don't follow the fundamental ground rules necessary to keep water out.

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