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Structural Design for Architects

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It is the responsibility of the architect to consult the structural engineer about virtually all aspects of strength and stability in buildings. It is therefore essential, if that advice is to be understood and interpreted critically, for the architect to be aware of the language and concepts underlying structural form. This book aims to provide a key to the basic principles and natural laws governing structure. The author begins with an example of enough mathematics and physics in order to enable readers to understand subsequent chapters on structural form. The first section deals with gravity, loadings on structures, forces, bending moments and conic section. This is followed by coverage of the various types of structural materials, stress and structural joints and the behaviour of different basic structural elements. The reader is also guided through the different elements of a building, starting with the simplest and then increasing in complexity, including beam and truss systems, arches and portal frames, cantilevered and continuous beams. The book closes with a study of circular and square plan forms.

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