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South African Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects: A Systemic Model For Planning and Development

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The purpose of this book is to disseminate knowledge on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and report on the findings of the research that was conducted relative to South African PPP projects. The research investigated perceptions of PPP actors on the performance of operational PPP projects. The findings from this research and publication of the book make an invaluable and original contribution to the PPP body of knowledge; provides insight for further research in this important field; refines the understanding of operational PPP projects; and provides direction for policy and decision makers in South Africa and beyond. Traditional procurement approaches have proven inadequate,given the growing demand for better services and wages from the populace against limited resources. The book therefore, provides a paradigm shift towards engaging the private sector and other investors to create wealth and jobs through partnerships and promote knowledge creation as opposed to knowledge consumption. The book targets: university undergraduate and graduate students; built environment practitioners; lecturers; contractors,labour movement and other related PPP actors.

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