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Software Engineering Ontology Separation of Concerns: Introduction,Software Processes,People, Tools, The Software Product, The Project, Software Metrics.

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In science, we try to separate the different views in order to evaluate things in a more realistic way. In this book, we present the overall research theories, models and developments that occur in the software engineering field from the four views or perspectives; Process, Project, People and Product. The goal is to make a distinction between the progresses in each area and explore the opportunities in finding windows for more research in any of those four views. This will also organize the software engineering project into smaller manageable parts that can be easy to understand and identify. It should reduce complexity and improve clarity. This concept is at the core of software engineering. The 4Ps concerns overlap and distinct. The book will try to point to the two sides. Concepts such as; ontology, abstraction, modeling and views or separation of concerns always include some sort of abstraction or focus. The goal is to draw a better image or understanding for the problem. In another goal, we hope that the separation of concerns will help software engineering students better understand the large number of modeling and terminology concepts.

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