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Sediment Investigations near Old River Control Complex: Red River above Old River Outflow Channel

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This research is outlining a method of properly collecting, managing and interpreting the data available from a sediment sampling station in the vicinity of the Old River Control Complex (ORCC). The created spreadsheets are easy to use for ongoing data management and simplify analysis updates and future interpretations. Because the ORCC is a water control complex, it is crucial for the system to function properly to maintain a balanced sediment regime. The slightest changes in the sediment environment can be critical for the Mississippi, Atchafalaya, and Red Rivers, and for the Old River Outflow Channel itself. To evaluate the trends in sediment transport within the ORCC and its vicinity, it is necessary to research and compare the stations above and below Old River Outflow Channel and the Outflow Channel itself. The stations 1) Red River above Old River Outflow Channel, 2) Coochie, 3) Simmesport, 4) Tarbert Landing and 5) Old River Outflow Channel fulfill this criterion. This thesis establishes the investigation methodology to be applied to all 5 sediment stations to obtain conclusive sediment data for the ORCC system.

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