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Secure Web Based Voting System for the Case of Addis Ababa City: Securing Vote Data at Poll Stations, In the Wire and Data at Rest

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The aim of this book is illustrating how voting can be managed with lesser cost and in a secure way using ICT. E-Voting is becoming one of the supplemental voting mechanism in many countries for electing political leaders. The content of this book is proposing ideas and showing how to practice vote management system using web technologies. With in this framework, it raises the potential security vulnerabilities of web based voting system and the possible security algorithms for keeping the secrecy of vote and minimizing the risks throughout the process. This project is done based on an instance .i.e., for the case of Ethiopia, in particular to Addis Ababa city. Similar works in other countries are reviewed, and tried to implement viable solutions to the main problems. In democratic society, political leaders are assigned by public elections. The nature of election process is complex, error prone and mostly exposed to fraud. Ethiopia is not an exception to this problem. Supplementing the vote management system using secure web technology is greately credible to the success of the vote management process.

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