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Scalable 3D Visualization: Exploiting JPEG2000-Based Information Hiding

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The principal objective of this work is to unify disparate 3D information and then realize scalable visualization in a client/server environment that is heterogeneous in terms of network, computing and memory resources. For scalability we are exploiting the multiresolution nature of the discrete wavelet transform (DWT) from the state of the art JPEG2000 codec. The data unification is being carried out through DWT domain blind data hiding that may either be fully or adaptively synchronous. There is no need to introduce some new format as the final JPEG2000 format is conserved during the process. In the first phase of this work the thrust was on the perceptual transparency and that is why least significant bit (LSB) embedding was employed. The second phase concerns robustness and that is a why spread spectrum (SS) strategy is utilized in embedding, without ignoring the imperceptibility as the embedding is removable. In the third and final phase we take a broader aspect of the problem when we try to render the underlying tile components of a heterogeneous tessellation, seamlessly. This seamless joining of tiles is ensured through special DWT domain smoothing functions.

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