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Resonance Effect in Chatter Formation in Metal Cutting: A New Chatter Theory Based on Chip Serration Instability and System Response for Prediction of Chatter in End Milling

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Chatter is an unwanted phenomenon in machining due to its adverse effects. Chatter control is difficult in the absence of unified understanding on the causes of chatter formation. This book presents experimental results contesting the validity of the established Regenerative Chatter theory and proposes a resonance based chatter theory. The authors have proved based on extensive chip analysis that chip formation in turning thread cutting and end milling of metals and alloys is accompanied with the formation of primary or secondary serrated teeth with frequencies that increases with cutting speed. The analysis of the vibration signals in frequency domain (FFT) on the other hand proved that chatter is the outcome of resonance and it appears in the system when the frequency of the serrated teeth become approximately equal to any one of the

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