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Protecting Court: A Practitioner's Guide to Court Security

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"Protecting Court: A Practitioner's Guide to Court Security" examines the art of protecting today's courts by using history as its example and common sense as its foundation. As demonstrated far too often in today's news, there are some who will lash out in anger and violence if the scale of justice does not weigh in their favor. The intensity of emotion within the courthouse has placed a spotlight on the court security officer whose role is to ensure that all participants in the courthouse are safe and free from harm. "Protecting Court" illustrates the importance of courtroom security measures which are too often overlooked until grave tragedies occur. Well paced examples throughout the book depict specific courtroom events to demonstrate applicable concepts and solutions for court security practitioners. "For every Sheriff responsible for creating a safe and secure courthouse, 'Protecting Court' is absolutely required reading for practical court security!" -Sheriff Thomas Faust (Ret.), former Executive Director, National Sheriffs' Association "Jimmie Barrett has captured the essence of court security, and his book is a must for all judges, bailiffs, court security officers, and court administrators." -Judge Richard W. Carter (Ret.), Arlington, Texas Director of Legal Services, Crime Stoppers USA. Author of: "Court Security for Judges, Bailiffs & Other Court Personnel" "'Protecting Court' is designed to be used by law enforcement and criminal justice officials addressing the complex issues of providing court security. This book provides a much needed pragmatic guide of best practices in courthouse security strategies." -Sheriff Beth Arthur, Arlington County, Virginia "'Protecting Court' should be the resource every court security professional reaches for before entering their first courtroom." -Lynda S. O'Connell, CAE, Executive Director, Virginia Center for Policing Innovation

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