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Practical Building Conservation (v. 2)

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In five volumes, Practical Building Conservation provides a comprehensive and practical reference source for those involved in restoration, preservation, repair or maintenance of historic buildings. Architects, surveyors and building contractors will find it essential reading - whether they are responsible for repairing a large, historic site or part of the fabric of a small one. The authors consider the complete range of materials and the problems likely to occur with each. Chemical, mechanical and other forms of treatment are analysed with precise information on which form of restoration works best in each particular case. This is backed up by practical advice - covering everything from complicated repair processes (simply explained) to the removal of ground-in chewing gum from paving stones. The other volumes in this series include: stone masonry; plasters, mortars and renders; metals; wood, glass and resins and in Volume 5 there is a comprehensive technical bibliography. Volume 2 Brick, Terracotta and Earth covers the control of damp and the repair and maintenance of brick, clay and earth structures. The book investigates the causes of damp (with a fascinating case study), methods of mortar analysis and their advantages and disadvantages, and gives a guide to pointing stone and brick work. Next come detailed sections on the repair and maintenance of: ¢ bricks ¢ terracotta and faience ¢ cob, chalk mud, pise and clay lump ¢ earth floors ¢ daub.

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