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Performance analysis of tubular heat exchanger using Nano fluid

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The research work aims at analyzing the heat transfer rate of the nano particles with different type of heat exchanger. Graphene, the nano particle under consideration, can be prepared using Hummers and Offeman method. The analysis has been done with the help of Ansys Fluent software. The physical properties (density, thermal conductivity, specific heat, viscosity) of the nano particles are taken from a standard journal and analyzed in a double tube and triple tube heat exchanger with the given dimensions. The simulation is done using the Ansys fluent for a particular concentration of graphene and the results are found to be almost similar. Hence the result obtained is standardized. The analysis is done for various concentration of graphene i.e. graphene 1(0.05% by weight) and graphene 2(0.075% by weight) with corresponding properties and analysis has been continued by making grooves on the outer surface of the inner tube in case of double tube heat exchanger and middle tube in case of triple tube heat exchanger. A detailed comparison is done between double tube heat exchanger and triple tube heat exchanger on the basis of the results obtained.

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