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Optimum stiffness design of wind-excited tall buildings: Computational design optimization considering uncertainties in wind engineering

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Recent trends towards developing increasingly taller and irregularly-shaped buildings have led to slender complex structures that are highly sensitive and susceptible to wind-induced deflection and vibration. In the design of this new generation of tall buildings, structural engineers are facing the challenge of striving for the most efficient and economical design solution while ensuring that the final design must be serviceable for its intended function, habitable for its occupants and safe over its design life-time. The emerging performance-based design concept provides a general framework for solving the optimal serviceability design problems. This research aims to develop an innovative computer- based design method for optimal performance-based design of tall buildings achieving a satisfactory and reliable performance in various extreme and hazard wind loading conditions. The outcome of this research will provide a powerful computer-automated design tool for optimal performance-based design to deliver cost-effective low-risk design solutions for tall buildings in a typhoon-prone city, such as Hong Kong.

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