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Numerical Modeling of Coastal Aquifers: Numerical Strategies to Check Ingress of Sea Water in Coastal Aquifers

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In the coastal regions it is often necessary to meet the growing water requirements by continuous groundwater withdrawals from coastal aquifers. Excessive withdrawal of freshwater disturbs the dynamic balance across fresh - saline water interface which results in seawater intrusion. This causes deterioration of ground water quality. The main objective of the book is to highlight some remedial measures of seawater intrusion for sustainable utilization of the ground water. A numerical model is developed to study 2-D steady state seawater intrusion problem for single and multi-layered confined coastal aquifers (vertical plane) using dispersion approach. Salt concentration distribution patterns are obtained for various boundary conditions and movement of 0.5 isochlor is considered for studying the dispersion. Book examines i) the influence of important non- dimensionalised field parameters, ii) the influence of certain control measures involving treated water recharge and combined system of treated water recharge and saline water discharge wells and iii) the influence of location, depth and head in pumping wells on the sea water intrusion.

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