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Multi-Body Kinematics and Dynamics with Lie Groups

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The book starts with an overview of the practical aspects of Lie groups on the example of the rotation groups and the Euclidean group which may be used in problems of kinematics and dynamics of rigid bodies. The general features of Lie groups theory which may be useful are pointed out in those examples. After it is shown that all mechanics of rigid body systems falls within the scope of Lie groups especially difficult problems regarding kinematics of mechanisms and dynamics of rigid body systems.
 The book includes exercises allowing the reader to get familiar with this mathematical framework. For the more experienced readers, they also include theoretical results that have appeared in some scientific articles. (For instance, a complete classification of singularities of mechanisms is developed through exercises.)
  • This book doesn’t require any knowledge of sophisticated mathematics
  • The complete language presented in the book has been actually used by the authors to treat concrete mechanical problems.
  • The exposition makes it clear that interface between Lie groups methods in mechanics and numerical calculations is very easy.
  • This book also includes theoretical results appeared in some scientific articles

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