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Modeling Techniques for Vibration Isolation in Motorcycles: Dynamic Modeling and Meta-modeling

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This book presents several dynamic models and meta- models in order to evaluate the quality of vibration isolation in a motorcycle. All models are used to solve the engine mount optimization problem so as to minimize the forces transmitted to the frame while meeting packaging constraints. This book is divided into three main sections. The first section develops mathematical models to capture the quality of vibration isolation in a motorcycle. The second section solves the optimization problem using the models developed in the first section. The third section develops meta-models from the theoretical models in order to simplify the governing model and reduce computational effort required for solving the optimization problem. Several examples are presented throughout the book. The models and techniques presented in this book can be used for the design and analysis of passive vibration isolation systems for motorcycles. The meta-modeling techniques developed in this book yield simplified input-output relationships between variables of interest, providing a better understanding of the sensitivity of vibration isolation to the governing variables.

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