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Model Forms of Contract for Electrical and Mechanical Plant

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The Model Form, MF A, in its various editions, has been in use in the electrical and mechanical plant industry for many years. It has now been withdrawn from publication and an entirely new model form, MF/1, is now in widespread use, and is likely o remain the dominant form for many years. A variant form of MF A, Form G/90 - General Conditions of Contract for the Water Industry Plant Contract - has also been published by the Water Services Association. Both MF/1 and G/90 are intended for supply and erection contracts. MF/2 is for the supply of electrical and mechanical plant and MF/3 is for the supply of electrical and mechanical goods. This is the first book published that examines in detail the provisions and applications of Model Forms MF/1, MF/2, MF/3 and G/90. The legal framework in which the model forms operate is explained for all important matters and the clause by clause analysis gives particular attention to: design responsibility, obligations of the parties, sub-contracting, testing and taking over, performance testing, defects in the plant, time and damages, adjustments to the contract price, variations and changes, claims for extra payment, limitations of liability and resolution of disputes. The author draws on his extensive experience as an engineer and contracts consultant in his commentary of the text of the model forms. This book will be an invaluable guide to users of the forms.

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