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MINE BACKFILL DESIGN AND CHARACTERISTICS: New Concept for Backfill Underground Support

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In the last decades, the importance of the mine fill and specially cemented mine fill has been recognized, as more mines have been using cement filling methods and new mining methods employing fill have been developed. It has been realized that the addition of cement to the backfill enhances its support potential in underground mining operations. With the cemented fill, the ore recovery is higher, while the dilution of fill and spalling of country rock are minimized. Despite the above-described advantages of the cemented mine fill, the increasing cement cost has been reducing the economic advantages of its use. The book presented mine backfill design concepts and procedures, physical and mechanical properties of backfill and their measurement. Analyzed are backfilled stope stability analysis and design and is presented the research on new method for minimizing the amount of cement used in backfilled stopes. Mine Backfill Design and Characteristics is recommended as across-the border source of information for mining, rock mechanics geomechanics, geotechnical and backfill engineers, consultant, academics, student and practitioners.

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