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Micro and Nanopolymers:Polypropylene, Polyethelene and Polystyrene: Micro and Nanoparticles of Polymers

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Impact of micro and nanopolymers on almost any field of Engineering and Bio-technology is well recognized and has significant ramifications in many fields of economic interest. Because of the increasing demands for functional polymer micro and nanoparticles and capsules, efficient strategies for designing and synthesis of polymer particles are required. A number of new micro and nano polymer particles synthesis based on their uses have appeared in the field of polymer technology but none of them give satisfactory results up to a mark. Based on these demands, design, synthesis and applications of various polymer micro and nanoparticles have been summarized in this book. A special importance has been given on the particle size dependent physical, mechanical, and thermal properties of commodity polymers such as PP, PP and PS which are the author’s findings. Therefore, this book will give an overall idea and direction to the Chemists and Polymer Scientists, Bio-Technologists and Engineers on polymers to cater for different applications.

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