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Mechanical properties of aerospace & automation materials application

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Alloys are materials having metallic properties and are composed of two or more elements, at least one of which is a metal. In the case of aluminum alloys, most of them contain 90 to 96% aluminum. Aluminum alloys are divided into two categories, wrought alloys and cast alloys. Aluminum casting alloys are used in a large number of applications including automobiles, trucks, transmission of electricity, development of transportation infrastructures, and in the aerospace and other industries.Over the years, aluminum-copper (Al-Cu) cast alloys have been increasingly investigated, the reason being that copper has a significant impact on the strength and hardness of aluminum castings at both ambient and elevated service temperatures. Due to the presence of copper, the mechanical properties of these alloys may be improved via age hardening through the formation of Al2Cu precipitates following aging treatment. This book will first introduce and summarize all about the Al-Cu, LPDC and types of casting, for the objectives, results and conclusions of this study, you need to follow the author's coming publications.

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