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Measuring Progress Towards SFM and Policy Implications: A Case Study in the High Forest Zone of Ghana

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Measuring progress towards sustainable forest management and policy implications is an attempt to quantitatively perform an assessment on the extent to which forest resources (timber)have been managed over the years on sustainable basis. With a specific case study experience from the HFZ of Ghana it draws on the criteria and indicator prognosis to identify and generate a set of weighted performance scores from the trio-sectors; the society,environment and economy. The indicators are assessed on a scale -MoFRUSS to determined the level of performance relative to forest resources-use and resource sustainability and how to restore an equilibrium when management mechanism is thrown out of gear. Decision makers are also guided by bundles of optional policy baskets which provides an opportunity to improve on managements performance through avoided deforestation. The book is of significance to students of natural resources, policy and decision makers, politicians and government officials. It may be used also as a reference book for environmental activists and naturalresources management personnel

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