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Manifestation of Concepts At Iranian-Islamic monuments

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Since early Islamic centuries, Islamic art has been inspired by the valuable learning and thoughts of Islam in different dimensions; both in the early works which represent the simplicity and unadorned forms, and the contemporary works which have a stronger multitude of decorations. However, among all of these works the integrity and the principle of unity are observed which represents itself as the spirit of art. Iran has been the center of Islamic civilization especially the Islamic art. The fundamentals of Islamic sacred art can be looked for in its land. Iranian art is among the climaxes of Islamic art.In order to realize sacred art, the meaning of "sacred affair" and "art" should be understood first. At present, this art has been separated from the lives of us and isolated in the museums. The aim of this study is to make non-Iranian students and architects familiar interested in familiarity with culture and values embedded in Iranian architecture; hence, this book examines the values of Iranian buildings, and it is developed and presented to understand the principles of Iranian - Islamic authentic architecture and culture.

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