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Madam Witch's Haunting and Bewitching Poetry

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JM's fascination of the bewitching and haunting mysteries of the world, was the inspiration for this book. Adding to the mix her love of Halloween, "It's a magical night that has been celebrated for centuries" she states. The one night of the year spirits and the unexplained seem to come to life. The sky is midnight in color. The moon has a haunting glow and the air is filled with magic. So along with her love of poetry she combined the two and Madam Witch's collection was written. Unique in it's theme and vision. Enter the world of spirits and witchery. The house with an uninvited guest. The Hobgoblin, don't let him get you. Take a trip to Halloweentown and stay a spell. Enter Madam Witch's world of poetry written to frighten and delight, taking you on a haunting and bewitching journey to the otherside. Have a haunting read!

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