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Lucchesian Villas Renders: A research guideline on diffused heritage systems

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The Tuscan town of Lucca is surrounded by more than 300 Villas developed between 15th and 19th centuries. They form the so-called Six Miles District. The creation of such a system of buildings and the selection of technical and aesthetic solutions have been realized with specific building materials. Many researches on Lucchesian Villas have been produced but, currently, no scientific studies have been reported about their materials characterization. The study aimed to create a research guideline about Villas renders, but the analysis protocol has been created to be applied also to other cultural heritage systems. The format respects particular demands: rapidity, low costs and clear results. Four Villas have been selected as case-studies: results revealed the composition of the samples and confirmed the hypothesis about the origin of used materials. Scientific knowledge of ancient materials is the basis for restoration and conservation procedures: this research is the first step for the landlords to choose materials compatible with the original ones. In fact, this project is useful not only to restorers and scientists, but also to private landlords to protect their buildings.

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