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LARE Review, Mastering Section C: Site Design

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Section 3 of the LARE assesses your skills in evaluating and designing graphical site solutions. LARE Review, Mastering Section C: Site Design shows you how to approach site planning and design through three basic tasks: analyzing the site and requirements; understanding the relationships between the land and the land’s uses; and creating optimal plans and design solutions.

Comprehensive Review for the LARE Section 3
  •     19 vignette practice problems with detailed solutions
  •     A thorough review of important vehicular, pedestrian, and parking circulation topics
  •     An easy-to-use appendix of LARE specifications

LARE Transition Information

Section C of the LARE transitioned to Section 3 in December 2012. The problems in this book correspond to Section 3 topics. Click here for an old exam section (A-E) to new exam section (1-4) cross-reference chart.

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