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Landscape Planning and Management: Under Conditions of Conflict and Instability: The Gaza Strip as a case of the developing countries

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This research work has a special importance for people interested in landscape planning and management in general. This importance increases in cases where the pressure on open spaces and natural resources increases because of extremes of conditions such as overpopulation, high urban density, hard socio-economic conditions, and military occupation or armed conflict; one or more of these conditions distinguish what are widely known as 'the developing countries'. The Gaza Strip is one of these developing regions where these conditions apply at once. This work goes through a process of detailed analysis of the Gaza Strip case as well as of several cases from both developed and developing countries. Besides, it investigates the theoretical basis of landscape planning and management to result in a group of recommendations for landscape planning and management in the Gaza Strip together with further recommendations for special similar cases of the developing countries. It also makes proposals for factors to be taken into account in the general theoretical outline of landscape planning and management.

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