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ISO 1986-1:2001, Test conditions for surface grinding machines with horizontal grinding wheel spindle and reciprocating table - Testing of the ... with a table length of up to 1 600 mm

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This part of ISO 1986 specifies, with reference to ISO 230-1, both geometric and machining tests on general purpose and normal accuracy surface grinding machines with reciprocating table up to 1 600 mm table length and horizontal grinding wheel spindle. It also specifies the applicable tolerances corresponding to the above-mentioned tests.It is not applicable to surface grinding machines with fixed or rotating tables or to machines having longitudinal traverse of the wheelhead.This part of ISO 1986 deals only with the verification of the accuracy of the machine; it does not apply to the testing of the machine operation (vibrations, abnormal noises, stick-slip motion of components, etc.), nor to the machine characteristics (such as speeds, feeds, etc.), which should generally be checked before testing the accuracy.This part of ISO 1986 provides the terminology used for the principal components of the machine and indicates the designation of the axes in accordance with reference to ISO 841. This title may contain less than 24 pages of technical content.

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