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ISO 13041-1:2004, Test conditions for numerically controlled turning machines and turning centres - Part 1: Geometric tests for machines with a horizontal workholding spindle

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ISO 13041-1:2004 specifies, with reference to ISO 230-1:1996, the geometric tests on numerically controlled (NC) turning machines and turning centres, of normal accuracy, with horizontal work spindle(s).ISO 13041-1:2004 specifies the applicable tolerances corresponding to the tests mentioned above.ISO 13041-1:2004 explains different concepts or configurations and common features of NC turning machines and turning centres. It also provides a terminology and designation of controlled axes.ISO 13041-1:2004 deals only with the verification of the accuracy of the machine. It does not apply to the operational testing of the machine (e.g. vibration, abnormal noise, stick-slip motion of components), nor to machine characteristics (e.g. speeds, feeds) as such checks are generally carried out before testing the accuracy.

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