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ISO 10303-212:2001, Industrial automation systems and integration -- Product data representation and exchange -- Part 212: Application protocol: Electrotechnical design and installation

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This part of ISO 10303 specifies the use of the integrated resources necessary for the scope and information requirements for the design, installation, and commissioning of electrotechnical systems. This Application protocol does not impose any restriction on the usage of these systems. Equipment for power-transmission, -distribution, and -generation, electrical machinery, electric light, electric heat, control and automation systems is in scope.EXAMPLE 1 Electrotechnical systems may be used in plants, buildings, or transportation systems such as cars or ships, etc.The information content of documents that describe a system in accordance to IEC 61082: Preparation of documents used in electrotechnology is part of the scope. Also included is the decomposition of products and functions, their interrelations, their connectivity and their schematic representation.The following are within the scope of this part of ISO 10303.Data to describe an electrotechnical system throughout design, commissioning and delivery phases; Data to specify the equipment used in the electrotechnical system; Data to describe terminals and interfaces of the equipment; Data to describe the functional decomposition of the system; Data to describe the connectivity and cabling of devices and equipment; Data to specify the installation of the equipment, including physical locations and information about the shape of the equipment; Data for the reference designation of the design's functional modules and of the equipment used; Data to specify the pieces of information exchanged between the various constituents of the design; Data to provide the design with actual and planned technical characteristics; Data to document the system or its design and to keep track of version and status of the documentation; Data for the tracking of a design's release; Data to track the approval of functional and physical objects used in the system; Data to perform the configuration management of the equipment; Data to describe the requirements levied upon the design and their allocation to functional objects, physical objects, and the physical implementation; Data to provide information about the contractual basis and the work packages assigned to develop and implement the design; Data to classify and categorize the functional and physical objects that make up the electrotechnical system in accordance to standardized or user specific classification systems; Data to the assignment of comments or instructions to the product data; The following are outside the scope of this part of ISO 10303.Detailed product information or manufacturing information of procured premanufactured parts; Data for the simulation and testing of electrotechnical systems; EXAMPLE 2 Information about test patterns, behavioural models, etc.Detailed mechanical design information of electric/electronic products; The management of the process used for the design of electrotechnical systems; The process plans for the procurement, assembly or shipping of electrotechnical systems or their constituents; The administrative procurement and cost data used by an enterprise.

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