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Inhomogeneous Chirality in Scattering Problems: Solution Algorithms Based on Method of Moments

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Inhomogeneous chiral materials are a topic of interest in many applications. For example, they may be used to reduce scattering from a body or adjust the polarization of inhomogeneous lens antennas. The above-mentioned applications of chiral media are areas of interest where the numerical evaluation of scattering by chiral bodies presented in this book finds a significant role.This book is a result of an extensive research related to the electromagnetic scattering by various 3-D inhomogeneous bodies, with the concentration on inhomogeneous chiral scatterers. In order to achieve quantities that describe electromagnetic behavior in the close proximity as well as far distance from a scatterer illuminated by a plane electromagnetic wave, the method of moments (MoM) has been used. The volume equivalence principle was used to obtain coupled integral equations for equivalent currents. The volume of the scatterer was modeled by tetrahedral cells, and face-based expansion functions approximated the equivalent currents.The solution algorithm proposed in this work does not depend on the scatterer geometry and the spatial dependence of material properties. It may be considered as a generalized approach on how to apply the MoM to scattering problems of interest. This book should therefore be especially useful to researchers interested in scattering by complex media as well as developers of commercial software packages based on the MoM.

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