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Inbetween Place: The Emergence of the Essence

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This book aims to construct the concept of inbetweenplace. The inbetweens are important in architecturaldesign as transitional realms. Architecture of placedominates the environmental design as place-making.However, inbetween domains are not clarified insignificant place-forms for systemic relationshipsbetween nearby places. The book argues that inbetweenplaces present themselves as living forms ofconnectedness, embodied presence, and significantpauses. By a triangulation from threestandpoints-phenomenological, embodied realism, andneo-structuralism-through case studies, the essenceof inbetween modes of place is emerged out ofcomposite presences of: 1) interval containments; 2)active edges of juxtaposition; and 3) associativelayers with adjacent places. Inbetween places becomecritical intermediary domains creating vital andaesthetic links between neighboring places. Development of the theory of inbetween place couldenlighten design potentials for spatial shifting,sequential-making, and presence of embodied layers ofplaces. This book could benefit architecture studentsand lecturers in design and research and designers tocreate the whole experience of place.

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