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Human Activity Analysis from Video: General Human Activity Recognition and PathologicalGait Pattern Identification

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With the massive number of cameras have been widelydeployed in past few years, human activity analysishas attracted great interest from computer visionresearchers and become a hot research area due to itspromising applications in many areas such asautomated visual surveillance, computer-humaninteractions, and motion-based identification anddiagnosis. However, to detect, categorize andrecognize human activity from video is a complicateand difficult problem. This book presents techniques in two topics: generalhuman activity recognition and human activityanalysis for the purpose of identifying pathologicalgait based on symmetry analysis. This book shouldhelp shed some light on this research area, andshould be especially useful to professionals workingin this field, or anyone else who may be consideringutilizing video for human activity analysis.

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