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Hospitals for Patient's Healing and Well Being: Design-aids and a Building Model for Healing Environments in Hospitals

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This book defines the design guidelines to support Health and Well Being in Hospitals. Design-aids, and examples are given to illustrate these guidelines. A building model shows how such a hospital could be realized, highlighting the changes that should be introduced in design for the promotion of Health and Well Being. Design is intended as a general procedure for the production and functional planning of hospitals, where maintenance and management play a relevant role in achieving design objectives. There are four categories of components in the design of this hospital model, which are Architecture, Environment, Function and Methodology of Design. The model is regarded as especially useful to professionals dealing with hospital management and health care design, or anyone else who may be interested in hospitals and health care buildings. Its approach to design is considered valid for different types, functions and classifications of hospitals considered as Sustainable Buildings.

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