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Hi-Tech Equipment Reliability: A Practical Guide for Engineers and Managers

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In Hi-Tech Equipment Reliability, Dr. Vallabh H. Dhudshia provides a comprehensive and concise reference manual for all engineers and engineering managers who know that maximum reliability of equipment and product is a mission-critical factor to the success of any organization.In a factual and thorough manner, Dr. Dhudshia describes different reliability disciplines and measurement techniques, as well as reliability improvement processes and testing methods. In addition, he clearly defines the phases of the equipment life cycle associated with reliability and the three primary growth mechanisms for each stage of the equipment's maturation.In addition to engineers and engineering managers, Hi-Tech Equipment Reliability provides a foundation of understanding for any manager concerned with equipment or product reliability. Understanding that reliability is at the very core of an organization's customer service capability, Dr. Dhudshia makes a compelling case for pursuing a corporate-wide program of reliability improvement education and implementation.He not only proposes the basic structure of such reliabilityprograms but also delivers recommendations for structuring reliability teams as part of an overall quality program as well as discusses ways to target, assess, and correct reliability problems.Hi-Tech Equipment Reliability is an essential read for anyone who desires a thorough understanding of product and equipment reliability.

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