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Health Care and Computerised Information Systems:: Perceived Value and Benefits from a Case Study

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Health information systems are continually being changed and improved. The move from paper-based systems to computerized systems has been rapid. Yet the impact of these systems on end users is not totally clear. Few studies have looked into users¿ perceptions of computerized information systems as to their value and benefit. The purpose of this book was to use a case study to determine users¿ perceived values of a new system (as a surrogate measure of a successful system, as no primary measure of success exists currently), by evaluating the migration of a paper-based system used by the Bureau of Youth Services and Delinquency Prevention (BYSDP) to a computerized platform. The perceived value of a computerized information system is hypothesized to relate to the degree to which functionalities are met, as well as increased user satisfaction and job satisfaction. Perceived value is also related to positive impact of the computerized information system on work, better user adaptation and positive user attitude (Section One). Section Two assesses the reliability of the tools used in the case study using Classical Test Theory and Item Response Theory.

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