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HC-900 Controller based Speed control System for DC Motor

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In process control industries the concept of multiple input, multiple output control systems is the key work now days. The control variables are analog nature as well as digital nature. To control these mixed type of variables hybrid controller is popularly used. The hybrid controller is a basic platform of SCADA. In which monitoring recording and display of variables with respect to time, animation of various control components is possible. Therefore, a project is taken up to establish a speed control system of the motor by controlling the power input from a dedicated motor controller through discrete controller as a process. A fairly large amount of experimentation shall be carried out on motor coupled with dynamometer and tachometer. The family of operating curves that is speed (mA) as Abscissa, motor controller input (4-20mA) as ordinate and various torque lines. The linearization of this figure shall evaluate the block diagram of the plant. Applying appropriate analysis methods HC900 shall be configured along with the SCADA peripherals. Every attempt shall be implemented to achieve the performance as per theoretical calculations.

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