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Handbook of Water Use and Conservation: Homes, Landscapes, Industries, Businesses, Farms

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For drought response or long-term water shortage solutions, here is the first and only comprehensive and authoritative handbook on water use and efficiency measures for professionals and others concerned about efficient water use. Handbook of Water Use and Conservation: Homes, Landscapes, Businesses, Industries, Farms by noted water conservation expert and engineer Amy Vickers is a 464-page handbook (8.5 x 11) that describes water use characteristics, water audit steps, and over 100 efficiency measures for homes, landscapes, industries, businesses, and farms. The book provides estimated water savings and related benefits (including energy savings) and costs for the measures and offers many case studies. The book includes over 175 fact-filled tables, charts and photos, as well as eight appendices, a full glossary and an index. This definitive and state-of-the-art reference on water use, conservation, and efficiency measures is a must have for all professionals concerned with efficient water use and management managers, planners, engineers, architects, academicians, consultants, policymakers, landscapers, irrigators, builders, and conservationists.

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