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Handbook of Polymers in Stone Conservation

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Dr. Elisabetta Princi has wide experience regarding the use of polymers in the field of cultural heritage. She has led a research team at the University of Genoa (Genoa, Italy) for several years and has published widely on the scientific background to the conservation, preservation and restoration of stone and stone-based works of art. This handbook is dedicated to the conservation of stone materials by the application of polymers. A short introduction on polymer chemistry is given to highlight their characteristics and properties. After the physical and chemical attributes of stone are summarised, the problems related to its degradation are discussed. Finally, the properties of the various polymers of potential value for stone restoration are reviewed and classified by schemes and tables, and pointers for the future are suggested. This handbook will be of great interest to those who share the author's enthusiasm for stone artworks and her dedication to their restoration and conservation.

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