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Generic vs. Specific Frameworks for Sustainable Building Tools: Including a survey about local architects?perceptions, preferences and expectations in China

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Sustainable building (SB) tools have been recognized as among the most effective means to encourage, regulate and assist SB development. Although a variety of SB tools have been developed in different countries/regions, it remains difficult to select existing tools or to develop new tools to address specific needs in many regions. This book first established two new conceptual frameworks to classify SB tools and their related factors, which serve as guides for identifying the types of tools for specific tasks, and facilitate the selection/customization of existing tools for specific regions. Then, based on the new frameworks, a survey was conducted to understand local architects? perceptions, preferences and expectations for developing SB tools in China. Finally, a suite and balanced approach to developing SB tools is proposed and the implications of its applications in China are considered. The conceptual frameworks and related discussions in the book should be useful for anyone who has interests in the SB area; especially professionals who want to select/customize existing SB tools or develop new tools for a specific region.

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