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Framing a Kidnapping: A Study of Online Media and Audience Frame Convergence

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Media and audience framing of events is a fascinating line of research in the Communication discipline. How do media report about events and issues? Do they favor certain angles over others? Are people influenced by how journalists report the news? These are just a few of the questions that have preoccupied many communication scholars over the past years. Surprisingly, insufficient research has tried to extend framing scholarship to events outside the United States'' sphere of influence. More importantly, very few studies have looked at how media and their audience framed the same event. This book explores hundreds of online news stories and forum posts to find out how two newspapers and their online readers discussed the kidnapping of three Romanian journalists in Iraq, a high profile case shrouded in speculation. It also proposes three newly defined overarching frames - "cynicism," "speculation," and "metacommunication" - as dominant reporting styles in Romania''s evolving democracy. The book should be especially revealing to communication researchers and students who have an interest in exploring media effects.

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