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Everyone Knows Something:Exploring Stigmergic Organizational Behavior: Everyone Knows Something: Exploring Organizational Behavior and Performance through Soft-Stigmergic Approach

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Organizational behavior theories generally agree that human capital is critical to teams and organizations, but little guidance exists on the extent to which such theories accurately explain the relative contributions of individual actors to overall performance.The experience also demonstrates that there are evidences that combination of cognitive, behavior and psychological perspectives those drive the performance boosting of the firm as well. Very recently, the knowledge sharing among the employee also has been envisaged as one of the strong imperative of enhancing the efficacy of the team. Using soft computing tools, social network measures and simulations based on data obtained from a software development firm, we investigate the relative effectiveness of cognitive social network theory and resource dependency theory as predictors of individuals¿ contributions to team performance. We have also been inspired by the behavior of social insect in team building and communication, which is called a stigmergy. Our results indicate that individual impacts on team's performance are more closely associated with knowledge and task dimensions than with social network structure.

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