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Elder Law Portfolio Series

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In-depth, timely, and practical coverage of key issues in elder law practice -- that's what you'll find in The Elder Law Portfolio Series. Written by outstanding elder law experts, this unique publication is the first place to look for detailed answers to pressing questions concerning Medicaid, long-term care planning, healthcare issues, trusts, powers, and guardianship -- every facet of today's elder law practice. The series includes 29 portfolios to date:
  • Practical Aspects of Establishing, Developing, and Managing an Elder Law Practice
  • Medicaid Eligibility and Long-Term Care Planning
  • Medicaid Financing of Nursing Home Care
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Tax Implications of Transfers of Assets
  • Housing Options
  • Medicare
  • Practitioner's Guide to Adult Guardianship
  • Long-Term Care Insurance: Its Role in Elder Law Practice
  • Medicaid: Strategies for Resource Planning
  • Planning for Retirement Benefit Distributions
  • Medicaid Trusts: Estate Planning
  • Rights of Long-Term Care Facility Residents
  • Legal & Medical Aspects Long-Term Care Litigation
  • Veterans' Benefits for the Elderly
  • Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Health Care Decision Making in an Elder Law Practice
  • Age Discrimination in Employment
  • Use of Annuities in Retirement & Long-Term Care Planning
  • Social Security Insurance Benefits
  • Medicare Home Health Benefit
  • Grandparent Visitation
  • Elder Mistreatment: Legal-Medico Aspects
  • Ethics & Elder Law
  • Assisted Living: Law and Advocacy
  • Financial Planning for the Elderly
  • Postmortem Estate Planning
  • Medicare Legislation
  • Age Discrimination in Non-Employment Contexts
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