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Economics of Securities Law (Economic Approaches to Law series, #49)

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Bringing together the most important articles from leading authors in the field, Professor Geoffrey P. Miller's new collection, Economics of Securities Law, is an essential resource for students, policy-makers, and those interested in the history and current status of the subject.

The papers included represent fundamental contributions that shaped later thinking, illustrate approaches that have proven durably influential, or represent important challenges to conventional views. The collection also explores new approaches, such as behavioral economics, alongside 'Chicago School' papers, comparative analyses, and influential works by people involved in the creation of laws governing modern securities markets.

38 articles, dating from 1933 to 2014
Contributors include: L.A. Bebchuk, J.C. Coffee, Jr., D.W. Diamond, F.H. Easterbrook, E.F. Fama, D.R. Fischel, M.C. Jensen, W.F. Sharpe, R.J. Shiller, G.J. Stigler, J.L. Stiglitz

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