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Design and Implementation of a Charging Component forGrid Services: An Approach to Flexible Charging in Mobile Grid Services

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This book aims at the design and implementation of aprototypical charging component for mobile gridservices. Charging is used to calculate the chargefor service usage that is subsequently used to createthe bills of customers.In mobile grid services, the basis to calculate thecharge are the accounting parameters, measured andstored in a database. Tariff schemes are designed todefine how these accounting parameters together withpre-defined prices are used to calculate the charge.In mobile grid services, the charging component hasto be flexible to adapt to new resource parameters.Discounts and benefits are also necessary to supportcharging services provided by the customers and togive discounts if the service quality was notsufficient. Charge calculations are managedcompletely according to the tariff scheme, allowingthe charging component to be adaptable to changes ofaccounting parameters, prices and tariff schemes.The implementation of the charging component in Javais based on the requirements for mobile gridservices. It is flexible and it supports charging forhierarchical sessions and discount parameters.

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