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Control Theory And Related Topics: In Memory Of Professor Xunjing Li

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Xunjing Li (1935–2003) was a pioneer in control theory in China. He was known in the Chinese community of applied mathematics, and in the global community of optimal control theory of distributed parameter systems. He has made important contributions to the optimal control theory of distributed parameter systems, in particular regarding the first-order necessary conditions (Pontryagin-type maximum principle) for optimal control of nonlinear infinite-dimensional systems. He directed the Seminar of Control Theory at Fudan towards stochastic control theory in 1980s, and mathematical finance in 1990s, which has led to several important subsequent developments in both closely interactive fields. These remarkable efforts in scientific research and education, among others, gave birth to the so-called “Fudan School”. This proceedings volume includes a collection of original research papers or reviews authored or co-authored by Xunjing Li's former students, postdoctoral fellows, and mentored scholars in the areas of control theory, dynamic systems, mathematical finance, and stochastic analysis, among others.

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