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Continuity of Personal Knowledge Construction through Creative Act: First Year Architecture Education Reconsidered as a Medium for Transition

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This study discusses that the cognitive value of architectural experience is possible by comprehending the meaning transmitted through the articulate. Continuity is viewed through the idea that the comprehended meaning contributes to the meaning of the upcoming experiences. First year of institutional architecture education is adopted as a preparatory support for students’ continuous self-education through creative experience. The enquiry is structured around a polar tension within the first year design studio; between students’ conformist tendency and instructors’ guidance towards creative experience. Its major proposal is reintroducing the students’ personal dimension into their articulations in design practice. This attitude is displayed with examples of setting designs and practices for the students’ reorganization of knowledge through creative act of articulation. It is assumed that design exercise is a task handled not only for design learning but also for learning how to learn from the design act, which enables the development of creative skills.

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